We deeply appreciate correspondence from

We deeply appreciate correspondence from our faithful readers such as Gene Allen, founder of the Northern League’s Fargo Red Hawks and attorney with TCF Financial Corporation. Such correspondence gives us irrefutable proof that we at the Power Line, much as the proprietors enjoy conversing with each other through this medium, are not simply talking to ourselves. Gene has forwarded the following message:
“Rocket’s August 3 blog noted that Bill Clinton had promised to ‘grab a rifle’ (which end do I point at the bad guys?) and ‘fight and die’ for Israel. Rocket expressed hope that Bill would keep his promise thus allowing the rest of us to avoid 20 more years of Clinton attention seeking. Guess again. Bill’s promise was certainly subject to a few Clinton exceptions that sound like the lease terms read at the end of a Volvo radio commercial. And as to post-presidential attention-seeking longevity, Jimmy Carter left office in 1981 and is still whining. Clinton has an even greater capacity to whine, blame and seek attention. I’d say we’re likely to go to our reward long before Clinton stops crowing, unless the clap gets him first.”
We could not have said it better ourselves. Although Rocket Man and I think of Israel as something like the fifty-first state, it is nevertheless worth noting how odd it is not only that a notorious American draft dodger is now bragging about his newfound martial courage, but that it is to be exercised on behalf of a country other than the United States. Clinton’s statement reveals the “essence” of the guy in so many respects that it is difficult to do justice to it. Tony Blankley has great fun toying with the Clinton speech in the first half of his column this morning.


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