Today’s New York Times carries

Today’s New York Times carries an interesting article by Emily Eakin about the phenomenon of blogging. As I read the first half of the article I was pleasantly surprised that there were no swipes at the conservative currents that run through the blogging phenomenon (she does not expressly note them), and no swipes at Glenn Reynolds or Andrew Sullivan, of whom she does take note. Then, of course, like a tic that can’t be suppressed, the author’s crotchets surface as she bizarrely drags in Noam Chomsky, his unspeakable book, and other left-wing nuts. Is it impossible for the Times to play any story straight?
In any event, the fact that this story is about six months late is a tribute to the powerful conservative currents that power blogging. If blogging were even arguably a left-wing phenomenon, the Times would long ago have hailed and promoted it. A moment’s reflection would suggest that the Times itself has a lot to do with the conservative currents that have found their outlet through blogging. You can rest assured that that is one story that will never make the Times.


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