Yesterday I met a young

Yesterday I met a young man named Peter Sommerville (I hope I have spelled his last name correctly) at a picnic I attended with my oldest daughter. Peter is a graduate of Edina High School in the Twin Cites and about to begin his senior year at Yale. At the picnic Peter mentioned that over the summer he had completed Marine Officer Candidate School in Quantico. He said that he had signed up for the training after 9/11, thinking that a military response to the attack on us was necessary. He has the option of following through and enlisting after he graduates, or not, but he said he thought he probably would. He said that there were two other Ivy Leaguers at OCS, both from Dartmouth (such is the Dartmouth/Yale ratio of all things good, but that is a story for another day). He said that his fellow OCS candidates asked him frequently throughout training what he was doing there. “Same thing as you,” Peter told them. We at the Power Line humbly salute Peter Sommerville, who made our day yesterday one that we shall not soon forget.


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