National Review Online carries a

National Review Online carries a piece today by Daniel Doron entitled “Palestinian Lies & Western Complicity.” It discusses the difficulty Israelis have in conveying the truth regarding the war being waged on them in the face of Arab spokesmen who are both skillful and conscienceless liars. Doron’s piece notes this problem and sorts out the underlying facts, but it does not provide advice about how to debate successfully with liars–the task that spokesmen for Israel face every day. The issue of Western complicity that Doron raises is extremely disturbing, but again Doron notes the problem without providing a solution. Doron concludes powerfully: “The West will continue to be exposed to grave danger until it finally wakes up and realizes how Arab lies have managed to lull it to the danger from implacable Muslim fundamentalism, a danger Israel has already been facing for so many years.” Doron’s piece is worth reading in full.


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