In addition to the Charles

In addition to the Charles Krauthammer column that Rocket Man links to below, among notable items today is Newsweek’s piece on the blogging phenomenon. I continue to find it intetersting, if unsurprising, that the mainstream media fail to note or perceive the relationship of the blogging phenomenon to dissatisfaction with organs of the mainstream media such as Newsweek.
Also worth reading today is George Will’s interesting column on politics in Hawaii. Will traces the Democratic domination of Hawaiian politics to the Hawaiian WWII war heroes who entered politics as Democrats. Visiting Hawaii for the first time last year, however, I was struck by the extent to which welfare state liberalism seems to permeate state politics there. Hawaii has adopted a form of Hillarycare that has not been much written about since the health care wars of the first two years of the Clinton administration. Will doesn’t note any of this and holds out some small hope for a modest Republican revival there over the next few years. I certainly hope he’s right.


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