Debka File presents its take

Debka File presents its take on the death of Abu Nidal, who, Debka says, was killed by Iraqi security forces. Of much greater interest is Debka File’s claim that the Clinton administration and the Egyptian government hired Abu Nidal in the late 90’s to go after Al Qaeda and Egyptian Islamic Jihad, believing that only fellow terrorists would be able to infiltrate such fanatical organizations. According to Debka, the plan was called off in mid-2000 when the Clinton administration and Egypt learned that Abu Nidal was double-crossing them, selling information on American intelligence and strategy to Al Qaeda. Debka says that Bill Clinton personally “called off the investigation against him before the CIA had a chance to establish exactly what secrets Abu Nidal had sold to Osama bin Laden.” Debka’s theory is that Saddam had Abu Nidal killed lest American special forces snatch him and bring him to America, where he would be able to detail the links between Al Qaeda and Iraq. Read the whole story; like so much of Debka File’s stuff, it is fascinating if true.


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