I will be in Williamsburg,

I will be in Williamsburg, Virginia for the next few days. My daughter is about to start college there at William & Mary. The college process can be difficult for any parent, but especially for a conservative. The standard nightmare is that we pay $40,000 per year for our child to be indoctrinated by the feminists and multiculturalists to the point that they despise everthing we stand for. More realistically, we fear paying that amount to subsidize people who hate our values and waste our kid’s time.
Fortunately, William & Mary is state-supported and costs much less than $40,000 even for out-of-staters like us. And it seems to have avoided the worst excesses of political correctness, multiculturalism, etc. A great guide for the perplexed conservative parent is Choosing The Right College: The Whole Truth About America’s Top 100 Schools by ISI, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, published by Willaim B. Eerdmans.
When we visited William & Mary we visitied with one of the leading Government professors there. Someone naively asked him if the Government Department is conservative. He chuckled and said that he doubted that any government department at a major school is conservative. He admitted that most members of his department are liberal, but added that they try not to bring it into the classroom and they deplore political correctness. That’s the best we can hope for and, if true, is probably good enough for the time being.
Actually, it will be fine if my daughter has her views (less conservative than mine in any case) challenged by some of her professors. My regret is that her liberal-reared friends who are now fanning out to the top colleges throughout the country are unlikely to have their views challenged by conservatives.


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