Deacon’s mention of multiculturalism is

Deacon’s mention of multiculturalism is the note I want to pick up on. The relentless indoctrination in multiculturalism that our kids get in school seems to me a kind of pure expression of the liberal death wish. Once our kids learn the worthlessness of Western civilization as taught by the multiculturalists, they will hold the “correct” attitude toward its enemies and cooperate with them in our own destruction.
One of the ironies of multiculturalism is its inconsistency with the other tenets of the liberal articles of faith, such as feminism. Yes, we must learn how to respect the way that Arabs treat their women. And don’t forget the sacred rite of clitoridectomy as practiced by our Somali friends here in Minnesota! In 1994 Phyllis Kahn, Minnesota’s leading liberal feminist loony, helped enact a law prohibiting clitoridectomy in Minnesota. How disrespectful! (Amazingly enough, female genital mutilation was not much of a problem in Minnesota before the Somali influx of the 1990’s.) It is somewhat difficult to point to the ironies without sounding wacko yourself. In any event, Mark Steyn does an outstanding job touching on the follies of multiculturalism in his column today. Don’t miss it!


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