More on the “melee:” Today’s

More on the “melee:” Today’s Star Tribune carries Doug Grow’s column on Spike Moss. Events are moving beyond my poor power to add or detract. I would simply note that Grow turns an issue of governance into an issue of personality and he focuses on the wrong person. Moreover, Grow’s professed inability to decipher Moss is pathetic. Grow’s world is divided into heroes and villains; all heroes are on the left, preferably non-white, and all villains are on the right, preferably white. Grow cannot understand how a hustler like Moss exploits chumps like Grow. Grow’s column is nevertheless worth reading; he personifies the city. The Star Tribune news pages carry an account of Minneapolis Police Chief Robert Olson’s meeting with the City Council. Because we are technically in the farce phase of the denoument, I recommend that you laugh rather than weep as you read the account, or at least read it with the accompaniment of a laugh track.


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