Rocket Man, as I recall,

Rocket Man, as I recall, we did hold up Sweden as a model, which at least was a step up from admiring Cuba. With Sweden it was always difficult to differentiate between our admiration of their form of government and of their women and alleged sexual scene (the ethical vs. the aesthetic). Turning to local politics, in Maryland, where I live, Robert Kennedy’s daughter, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, is running for Governor. It was widely assumed that she would win easily, since Democrats always win state-wide elections here. Townsend was even being promoted as a possible Vice Presidential candidate in 2004. However, she has run a poor campaign and finds herself in what looks like a tough race against Republican Robert Ehrlich. In an editorial, The Washington Post compares Townsend unfavorably to Ehrlich on budgetary issues. We’ll see what the Post says when it comes time to actually make its endorsement.


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