Ha’aretz reports that Syria “has

Ha’aretz reports that Syria “has allowed some 150-200 Qaida operatives to settle in the Palestinian refugee camp Ein Hilwe near Sidon in Lebanon.” The article also discusses evidence that, before September 11, Syria was “a stomping ground for Qaida operatives.” Even after September 11, Syria defiantly refused to change its policy until after the attack on the Taliban commenced. Then, the government agreed to cooperate with U.S. intelligence, but the change in policy was mostly cosmetic. Ha’aretz also contains a piece by Alan Dershowitz recommending that Israel put Arafat on trial for first degree murder. Describing the case against Arafat as “open-and-shut,” Dershowitz relies on some of the evidence presented by Trunk on these pages and elsewhere regarding Arafat’s responsibility for killing U.S. diplomats in Khartoum. This piece is worth reading regardless of one’s view of the author.


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