I just got home from

I just got home from South Dakota, where I’ve been for a couple of days. No shortage of posts, I see! The political ads are flying thick and fast out there. The Thune/Johnson race, in particular, is getting nasty, judging by the ads. The exchange I heard, Thune won on a TKO. You may have seen a recent poll that showed the race as a dead heat, but the local insiders I talk to say that poll is notoriously screwy, and Thune continues to hold a small but steady lead. On another note, the Rocket Prof had better stay anonymous if he’s going to take on sacred cows like global warming. I’m not sure the academy is ready for that particular dose of reality. A select few Power Line readers may remember that quite a few years ago, the Trunk and I authored a piece titled “The Global Warming Hoax”–one of our first efforts. We may have to dust it off and update it.


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