In today’s Washington Times, R.

In today’s Washington Times, R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. satirizes the “suave European political leaders who are so relunctant to discomfit Saddma Hussein with bombs overhead.” Tyrrell’s discussion reminds us that the European political class was wrong about the defining issues of the last century. I would add that, having watched this pretty carefully over the years, attacks by our own elite media on alleged American cowboy recklessness tend to spike after major displays of European displeasure with us. Yesterday, I mentioned Andrew Sullivan’s theory that southern members of the media elite are as liberal as they are because they feel the need to show their northern counterparts that they are not hicks. It seems to me that a key portion of the U.S. media may be driven by the need to make the same showing to certain Europeans. As Tyrrell shows, these Europeans have attained an arrogant and feckless complacency that liberals in our elite media, as smug as they are, can only dream of.


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