Good dissection, Deacon. Is there

Good dissection, Deacon. Is there a more cynical, dishonest or small-minded politician in American history than Tom Daschle? I can’t think of one. One might wonder what the Democrats’ objective is with regard to Iraq. I think it is simple: the Democrats’ greatest fear is that the war in Iraq will be short and successful. In particular, they worry that by November 5 the conflict may be over, or at least well on the way to being won. This would disrupt their plans for the midterm elections. So they are doing everything in their power–raising silly objections, making impossible demands, imposing procedural hurdles–to stall the progress of the campaign. The fact that Saddam is drawing ever closer to obtaining a nuclear capability, that every day he remains in power poses a danger to unknown thousands or even millions of Americans, is of no concern to them. On the contrary, they would welcome a successful terrorist attack, which they would blame on the Administration. We are witnessing one of the most disgraceful political performances in American history, maybe the worst since James Buchanan deliberately disarmed the U.S. Army prior to the Civil War.


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