This article by Stephen Hayes

This article by Stephen Hayes in the Weekly Standard is one of the most damning indictments of political hypocrisy I have ever read. Hayes has collected quotations from leading Democrats, Bill Clinton, Tom Daschle and John Kerry, in which they advocate (or in Kerry’s case find perfectly acceptable) taking military action against Iraq in response to Saddam’s ongoing development of weapons of mass destruction. The quotes are from 1998, when Clinton was contemplating military action — before he backed down and turned responsibility for our national security over to Kofi Annan, who made another “deal” with Saddam.
The question for Daschle, Kerry, etc. is the one they keep putting to President Bush — “what has changed?” Why, in Daschle’s words, was it appropriate to “force [Iraq] to comply” and to “do[] so militarily” in 1998, but not today? The question for the rest of us is this — what are we to make of politicians whose views on matters of war and peace are determined strictly by the the party affiliation of the president advocating military action?


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