Fred Barnes presents a good

Fred Barnes presents a good critique of the excuses being offered by Senate Democrats and a few Republicans for not going to war with Iraq. However, Rocket Man will probably join me in taking exception to the grammar of the article’s sub-heading. Barnes notes the hypocrisy of Democrats like Tom Daschle who, as we discussed yesterday, supported an attack on Iraq when Clinton was talking as if he wanted to launch one.
Daschle’s real hypocrisy occurred under Clinton. The anti-war position he’s taking now undoubtedly reflects his true feelings and, as our posts from earlier today suggest, he is taking this position to the probable political detriment of his party. Yet, as strong as Daschle’s anti-interventionist instinct is, his need to adhere to the Clinton line trumped it in 1998. One suspects, though, that Daschle knew at the time that Clinton would back down and not attack Iraq.


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