You’re right, Rocket Man. The

You’re right, Rocket Man. The reasons why Leahy and company have decided not to block McConnell’s nomination are not clear, at least not to me. Last week, I posted a piece by Byron York (the author of the piece you posted today) in which he speculated that McConnell would probably be confirmed. He reasoned that the Democrats didn’t want to be seen as overplaying their hand, having just killed two well qualified Bush appointees. And the Democrats were under less pressure to kill McConnell, York suggested, because of his support within the network of liberal legal scholars that the Dems often look to in these matters. FInally, York noted McConnell’s connection to Senator Hatch. Although not entirely satisfactory, and certainly capricious, the convergence of these facts seems like as good an explanation as any. By the way, from this account by the Washington Post, one would have no clue that McConnell probably will be confirmed


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