According to Stanley Kurtz in

According to Stanley Kurtz in National Review Online, Kenneth Pollack, a member of Clinton’s National Security Council and its chief expert on Iraq, is taking the position that Saddam Hussein must be deposed by an invasion. In his book The Threatening Storm: The Case for Invading Iraq, Pollock grudgingly concludes that the post-Gulf War policy of containing Saddam has irretrievably broken down, according to Kurtz. Pollock’s case for invasion apparently focuses on the likelihood that Saddam will develop nuclear weapons that will enable him to seize Kuwait and then threaten to nuke the Saudi oil fields. This will leave him in control of the world’s oil supply. Pollock also makes the point that allowing our fear of Saddam’s current weapons of mass destruction to hold us back will signal to every rogue nation that they can neutralize the power of the United States with even a small stock of chemical or biological weapons. Pollock rates the prospect of Saddam passing weapons of mass destruction to terrorists for use against the U.S. as “unlikely” but certainly not impossible. Pollock argues that if Saddam believes the probability of the attack being traced to him is quite low, then “he might well decide” to work through terrorists to attack the U.S. Kurtz adds that Condolezza Rice has said that Saddam is now sheltering members of Al Qaeda and helping them develop chemical weapons.


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