One of the few competitive

One of the few competitive congressional races in the country is the race of our friend, former Marine Col. John Kline, against incumbent Democrat Bill Luther in Minnesota’s redistricted sixth district. As part of his Marine service John carried the nuclear football for President Reagan and is a great American. The district leans Republican, and Luther therefore resorted to the almost unbelievble tactic of recruiting a bogus “no new taxes” third candidate to siphon votes from Kline in the upcoming election. The participation of Luther’s campaign in formulating and implementing this disgusting tactic has not been entirely clear. Today’s Star Tribune begins to get to the bottom of the story.
Hindrocket and I both had the privilege of working with John when he served as executive director of the Center of the American Experiment in Minneapolis. The Hindrocket family has proudly marched with John’s brigades at campaign events this year. We trust John will remember us when he makes it back to Washington.


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