Unlike me, Mark Steyn has

Unlike me, Mark Steyn has not lost his sense of humor watching the Democratic party’s leading political pygmies play the angles in the “debate” over Iraq. In his Chicago Sun-Times column this morning, “Dems Irrelevant on Iraq,” he reviews the musings of each of the party’s leading lights and sums up:
“The sight of the Democratic Party wrestling with its conscience is like some old-time carnie freak show: It’s strangely compelling, but you can’t help feeling it’s cruel to put these poor misfits on public display. A week ago, most of the bigshot Dem senators seemed to have wised up: The sooner we stop talking about why we don’t want to talk about Iraq, the sooner we can start talking about Iraq. The sooner we do that, the sooner we can neutralize it as a political issue and move on to vital issues like a prescription drug plan plus dinner theater with Robert Goulet for America’s seniors. Sure, in the political order of battle we’re behind Bush, Blair, the Aussies, Italians, Turks, French, Canadians and even Saudis, but better late than ‘Hang on, we’ve still got a few more questions.”’


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