The Washington Post editorial that

The Washington Post editorial that Deacon linked to earlier isn’t bad; it concludes that voting to confirm Miguel Estrada is “an easy call.” In typical fashion, however, the Post can’t bear to criticize unequivocally the Democratic smear campaign against Estrada. Instead, the Post casts Republicans and Democrats as equally blameworthy. The Republican sin, apparently, is praising Estrada as “a kind of Horatio Alger story.” In the Post’s view, praising a well-qualified candidate and groundlessly defaming him are somehow the same. More important, however, is the central point of the Post’s editorial: “Both sides should remember that there is no Hispanic manner of deciding cases.” This proposition is obviously true if you’re a conservative; coming from the Post it is a breathtaking admission. Leaving aside the implications of this proposition for affirmative action generally, I can’t resist noting how differently Clarence Thomas would have been treated if the Democrats in general, and the Post in particular, had been willing to acknowledge that there is no black manner of deciding cases.


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