Debka File has a fascinating

Debka File has a fascinating account of diplomatic progress in the Persian Gulf: “On the quiet, Washington has made important strides in the bid to assemble an Arab-Muslim coalition for its war effort. Egypt and Saudi Arabia were the first to climb on board.” Debka File reports that Egypt has turned its Cairo West military base over to the US war command, while American warships are freely traversing the Suez Canal. Meanwhile, “the Saudi Prince Sultan air base northeast of Riyadh is now an American forward base for air raids over southern Iraq.” But the chief coup is enlisting Iran in support of the effort against Iraq. Debka File claims that “Months of laborious bargaining have produced a secret US-Iran military cooperation agreement for the operation to overthrow Saddam’s regime.” Debka reports that Iran has already inserted special forces into Iraq, and that when Iraq’s foreign minister traveled to Tehran yesterday seeking support against the US, he was coldly rebuffed. Debka evaluates the current Persian Gulf coalition as “weightier than the one which confronted Iraq in 1991.”