This ridiculous New York Times

This ridiculous New York Times editorial has rightly been greeted with derision throughout the blogosphere. The Times argues that “[t]he Democrats, led by Gov. James McGreevey, must move quickly to find a credible replacement. The courts must then expeditiously approve the ballot substitution, which in turn will clear the way for an energetic one-month campaign that, with Senator Torricelli out of the picture, can focus tightly on loftier issues than his seamy behavior.” (Emphasis mine.) The Times’ opinion as to what the courts “must” do is not based on any reference to, you know, anything so prosaic as the actual “law.” On the contrary, the Times opines that “legal wrangling over ballot access cannot be allowed to obscure the central issue, which is one of democracy.” Following the law is now “legal wrangling.” I suppose this gives us some insight into the Times’ rabid support of Al Gore during the 2000 post-election proceedings. The law can be inconvenient when it isn’t on your side, but you can’t let that stand in your way when political power is at stake. The Times has turned into a bad joke.


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