More on the “melee:” We

More on the “melee:” We have sought to follow the money trail from the politicians to the race hustlers at The City Inc. since Minneapolis’s first race riot in ten years this past August. Following the riot, the Hennepin County Board promptly funnelled $25,000 to Spike Moss and the gang to pick up trash in north Minneapolis, where several white reporters were assaulted in connection with their coverage of the execution of a search warrant at a notorious crack house. One of the reporters who successfully hid herself from the rioters and escaped unhurt is our friend Judy Borger of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Judy’s car wasn’t so lucky; to borrow a term from our continuing scandal coverage, it was torched by the rioters.
We almost missed Judy’s story today in the Pioneer Press. According to Judy’s story, The City Inc. trash pickup netted 90-100 bags of trash. By our calculation, that works out to roughly $250 per bag of trash. (Thanks to our faithful reader Ed Patton for pointing the story out.)


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