The end of Torchgate: As

The end of Torchgate: As the Democrats invite the courts to commit fresh outrages as part of the Torchgate denoument, today’s columns provide both entertainment and instruction regarding the Torch’s flameout. My new must-read guy is the perfectly named Cragg Hines of the Houston Chronicle. He rises to the occasion with a burst of perfectly fitted cruel hilarity. Michael Barone has a characteristically dead-on assessment in this morning’s Wall Street Journal.
To our surprise, this morning’s New York Times has a powerful condemnation of the Democratic maneuvering to change the New Jersey match-up by Professor William Mayer of Northeastern University. Professor Mayer concludes by stating: “[T]he failures of Mr. Torricelli should not be used to confer an unfair advantage on a party that deserves to be held accountable for its past decisions.” I guess I don’t need to remind you what party that is. In “The Old Switcheroo” on the Weekly Standard’s online site Fred Barnes does a nice job of decrying the shenanigans of–which party was that again?–the Democrats.


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