Like me, George Will is

Like me, George Will is angry about the Democrats’ New Jersey shenanigans. Unlike me, he is capable of shedding both heat and light on them. Will’s column, “Brewing up recipe for electoral anarchy,” climaxes with this rousing statement: “A political party’s enthusiastic embrace of the likes of Torricelli should be like getting drunk — a wretched excess that carries its own punishment. The party should stay locked in the embrace it voluntarily entered into with a reprobate, until voters are given a chance to render their judgment on the party’s judgment.” Will also draws the link between these shenanigans and the party’s attempt to hijack the past presidential election.
John Podhoretz comes this morning to praise President Bush for his skill in outmaneuvering the evil geniuses of the Democratic party to secure victory for the congressional resolution regarding Iraq. His column, “‘Strategery’ Triumphs,” also has the humorous bite we are looking for this morning to leaven our anger at the partisans who fiddle while America burns.
Charles Krauthammer’s column this morning pursues the issue of unilateralism versus multilateralism that so far has lacked the kind of serious analysis that Krauthammer always contributes. In “The Myth of ‘UN Support'” Krauthammer states home truths with historical context that is devastating to the utterly frivolous arguments advanced by the Democrats.


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