Here is the Charles Krauthammer

Here is the Charles Krauthammer piece that Trunk tried to post earlier (when I clicked on the link I got the Podhoretz column). Krauthammer is wrong in one respect. He finds no logic in the Democrats’ insistence on permitting Security Council members to serve as arbiters of American national security policy. In fact, there is a coherent logic, although one the Democrats won’t articulate. Many Democrats view America as a menace. They fear any projection of American power except for purely “humanitarian” purposes (to establish the purity of our motives, the victims we are protecting should be Muslims, Africans, or other people “of color,” such as Haitians). Essentially, they view America as a giant Gulliver that needs to be tied down by the less powerful nations of the world. If one holds this view, it is entirely logical to grant countires like France, Russia, and China veto power over America’s right to intervene militarily.


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