Debka File says the explosion

Debka File says the explosion of the French oil tanker Limburg was a copy of al Qaeda’s attack on the U.S.S. Cole two years ago, and was carried out by al Qaeda with possible assistance from Iraq. The governments of Yemen and France were quick to say that there is no evidence of terrorism; the Yemenis claimed the explosion resulted from an oil leak. However, the captain and other witnesses on board the Limburg reported seeing a small boat strike the oil tanker just before it exploded. Why a two-year-old, double-hulled tanker would suddenly spring a leak has not been explained by Yemen or France. (The photo below shows the Limburg. On a more general note, I do not understand why governments around the world seem to reflexively deny that violent incidents are connected to terrorism. Recall the Hadayet case at the Los Angeles airport, for example. Violent incidents may or may not be terrorist, and may or may not be connected to al Qaeda, but where this heavy presumption of non-terrorist origin comes from, I don’t understand


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