Like most bloggers, we have

Like most bloggers, we have linked to InstaPundit from time to time, and Prof. Reynolds has linked to us as well. This time, rather than linking, I am reproducing in its entirety an email the Pundit received from an active-duty serviceman commenting on the faux concern for his safety expressed by certain anti-war Congressmen:
“As a servicemember, I’m continually amazed by the lengths that some will go to ‘use me’ as a prop for their point of view. To wit, the quote from Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas, commenting on the President’s speech last night: ‘If the quality of his evidence matched the quality of his oratory, I’d be “ready to roll.” But his repeated references to 9/11, despite his advisers’ admission that no such link to this terrorism exists, show how very weak the case for war now really is. My concern is that a near-unilateral land invasion of Iraq will endanger thousands of young Americans now while exposing our families to terrorism for years to come in what will be perceived by too many as a new crusade against Islam.’
My primary beef, aside from the usual ‘weak case’ rhetoric, is with this rather shameless use of the ‘young Americans’ scare tactic. It pains me to be seen as a pawn in this game, especially since the servicemembers that I know are not really interested in how much danger we might face — as long as we can go in with the right tools, support and mission, we don’t mind danger. After all, isn’t that what we’re trained for?
However, Rep. Scaremonger has no interest whatsoever in my well-being, or else he’d have complained more vociferously about the last president’s little escapades. The rhetoric is not matched by any sign of real concern, such as seeing to it that my ships get the gear they need or my men get the support they need. Guess that wasn’t on his ‘to do’ list.
Bottom line: The Armed Forces of the United States are ready, willing and able to take out the targets directed by the President. No amount of armchair QB’ing by the donks will change that, nor will their shameless use of the ‘danger’ that I may face affect my readiness.”