Rep. James McDermott is the

Rep. James McDermott is the most disgraceful of all the Congressional Democrats. A week ago I saw John McCain being interviewed on Fox News; he was asked to compare the McDermott/Bonior treachery to Jane Fonda’s appearance atop an anti-aircraft gun while McCain was a POW in Hanoi. McCain’s response was measured but devastating; he said that he thought McDermott and Bonior were worse. After all, Miss Fonda was just a “troubled young actress,” whereas the Democratic trio were not only adults but Congressmen, one of them, Bonior, a long-time member of the Democratic leadership. Here you see a photo of McDermott marching in Seattle in front of a sign labeling President Bush a “terrorist.” In the accompanying article from the Seattle Times, McDermott says that President Bush is carrying out a “silent, bloodless coup” to “become an emperor.” I agree with McCain. This is worse.


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