The most recent poll data,

The most recent poll data, as collected by Real Clear Politics, indicate that the Carnahan/Talent race in Missouri is a dead heat; Forrester may have a shot against Lautenberg in New Jersey; Allard, the Republican, has regained a slight lead in Colorado; Shaheen may have pulled into the lead in New Hampshire; and Cornyn is burying Kirk in Texas, where hopes of a Democratic pickup were always far-fetched. In Iowa, the illicit taping scandal has cut into Harkin’s lead, but probably not enough to matter. With the local prosecutor declining to take action, the issue has probably peaked. Here in Minnesota, our friend John Kline holds a narrow lead over the incumbent Democrat, Bill Luther, in what is now a strongly Republican district. Among voters who know who the candidates are, John’s lead is overwhelming. This should be a Republican pickup in the House.


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