This may be a huge

This may be a huge story: the FBI is investigating “massive voter fraud” in South Dakota. The fraud centers on Indian reservations and surrounding areas, where the Democratic Party has mounted a “voter registration” drive in anticipation of a close race between Tim Johnson and John Thune. The Democrats are denying responsibility for the fraud, the full extent of which is not yet known. It involves, among other things, registration of dead and non-existent people as Democrats. We can add this to the list of things the Democrats are willing to do to retain control of the Senate. But it shouldn’t be a surprise. The real story of the 2000 election, which was unfortunately overshadowed by the Florida election contest, was voter fraud in a number of states, perhaps the most extensive ever. There is no reason to expect fraud to diminish this year, as nothing has been done in most states to assure ballot integrity. It will be interesting to see whether the South Dakota scandal hurts the Democrats there, and whether voters around the country will start to see a pattern.


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