Here is more on the

Here is more on the voter South Dakota voter fraud scandal from the Sioux Falls Argus Leader. The Democrats hired up to 100 independent contractors to register new voters, particularly Indians, and paid a bounty for each purported new voter who was registered. Apparently the bounty was paid whether the registration was valid or fraudulent, and regardless of whether the new “voter” actually existed. Appoximately 17,000 new voter registrations have come in since the primaries, an extraordinary number in a state whose population is only around 700,000. So far, it is unknown how many of those registrations are fictitious. It is also unknown how many fake absentee ballots have already been received. A Democratic spokeswoman said that “the Democratic Party thinks that every eligible voter needs to exercise their right to vote and participate.” No reference to the fact that to be an “eligible voter” you have to be a human being who actually exists and is not deceased. The chairman of the state Republican party said, “We have known for some time that there is a lot of fraudulent voter registration taking place. There is some indication there’s ties to the Democratic Party in this.”


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