I have just returned from

I have just returned from a long Parent’s Weekend in New Haven with Little Trunk, where I went cyber cold turkey. Ouch! This afternoon I have been catching up with our blogs since my Wedndesday morning, 4:00 am pre-departure post for Brian Sullivan. To paraphrase the proprietors of the Hair Club for Men, I am both a “customer” and “owner” of the Power Line. Hats off to Rocket Man and Deacon for the awesome coverage of the past five days!
I don’t think we have yet done justice, either through our links or through our commentary, on the Jimmy Carter/Nobel Peace Prize phenomenon. Jimmy Carter is easily one of the worst presidents in American history, but observing that places him on a continuum with other more respectable though execrable past presidents such as James Buchanan. His post-presidential career, however, clearly reveals him to be something like the first anti-American, postmodern president–a president who has “transcended” his country in favor of world citizenship. In so doing he has become a useful idiot to every left-wing dictator, tyrant, and butcher holding power in the world today, even including such classic third world kakistocrats as Libya’s Mohammar Khadaffy, whose thugocracy lacks the leftist ideological component Carter otherwise esteems.


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