More on “Barbershop”: Today’s New

More on “Barbershop”: Today’s New York Times has a good profile of Cedric the Entertainer, the comedian who brought Eddie the Barber to life. In “Cedric the Entertainer, the Old School Comedian,” A.O. Scott observes: “Cedric’s rotund frame, clearly built for comfort, not for speed, nonetheless moves with a smooth agility that recalls Jackie Gleason, and he shares the Great One’s gift for quick changes of mood and character.”
Elsewhere in the Times today, editorialist Brent Staples also pays homage to the movie in “Lessons in Brutal Honesty at the Barbershop.” Staples’s political correctness is so finely tuned that you can be assured his defense of the filmmakers is unnecessary at this point. Jesse Jackson has been routed in his attack on the movie.


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