Diversity is beautiful update: Yesterday’s

Diversity is beautiful update: Yesterday’s Star Tribune featured another story in its never-ending series on the unadulterated beauty of the continuing streams of immigrants from Africa, Asia, and anywhere else that the native culture may make assimilation difficult. The story, “Citizenship ceremony ever so sweet after paperwork foulup,” recounts the ordeal of a lady who emigrated from Eritrea to Minneapolis and has become a popular teacher. The teacher’s story is admirable and she herself seems like an inspirational figure. The bomb in this story is provided by Minnesota federal district judge Donovan Frank, who has imbibed his wisdom deeply from the pages of the Star Tribune. In swearing in the teacher from Eritirea, the Star Tribune notes: “Judge Frank told the students that Miss Meaza (pronounced May-ah-za), as she’s called at school, doesn’t have to give up her love for her homeland and shouldn’t forget the food and dances of Eritrea now that she’s an American. ‘I want you to share the memories and culture of your former land with the people of your new country,’ he said. ‘Diversity is what makes this country strong; different languages, different religions, different clothing, different games.'” Gosh, Judge Frank, isn’t it that same beautiful tribal diversity that led her to flee Eritrea in the midst of a civil war?


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