We recently moved to the

We recently moved to the lovely Twin Cities suburb of Mendota Heights, Minnesota. In Mendota Heights, as throughout the state, local political offices are nonpartisan as a matter of law. It is therefore difficult, particularly in a small suburb with little news coverage, to associate candidates for municipal office with their party affiliations. Yesterday evening, however, at the fundraiser we attended for Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Pawlenty, we found our candidate for Mendota Heights City Council, one Mr. Ultan Duggan. Mr. Duggan is a native of Ireland with a beautiful Irish brogue, and a Republican to boot. Among his foremost qualifications for office featured in his campaign literature are “zest and humor.” We asked Mr. Duggan what his position on the Chieftains is. He paused only a few second before replying, “I think I’m the only person here who can dance to them.” Bingo!


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