Good blog on North Korea,

Good blog on North Korea, Rocket Man. Jimmy Carter must be shocked that the North Korean dictator lied to him, just as he was shocked that Brezhnev lied to him about Afghanistan. The Charlie Brown analogy is a good one except that, in Carter’s case, I don’t think he cares whether he actually kicks the football. He lives to strike the pose of approaching the football. But let’s not forget that this is Bill Clinton’s deal. Clinton didn’t really care about kicking the football either. It was enough that the girls liked the way he looked in a uniform.
Nice point, too, on the vindication of President’s Bush’s inclusion of North Korea on the enemies list. Ironically, the same people who criticized Bush for this are now arguing that North Korea is more dangerous than Iraq because it has already developed nuclear weapons. They argue that, since we’re apparently going to use diplomacy rather than force to respond to North Korea, we should do the same with Iraq. This is just silly. Iraq has attacked two of its neighbors in the past twenty years. North Korea hasn’t attacked anyone in fifty years. Although dangerous, it is contained. Iraq sponsors terrorism and appears to have links with Al Qaeda. North Korea is removed from all of that. Finally, as Rocket Man points out, we’re not quite sure what is going on in North Korea. We know exactly what is going on in Iraq. Thus, the sensible course is to take out Saddam while considering our options with North Korea.


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