Defrauding America: You may have

Defrauding America: You may have heard about the controversy involving the book Arming America by history professor Michael Bellesisles of Emory University. The book purports to recount the history of gun ownership in America and is written with a slant that is hostile to gun ownership. The book received rave reviews from liberals and a Pulitzer Prize in the year following its publication. Slowly, the book has been exposed as an academic fraud. Professor James Lindgren of Northwestern University Law School is one of the folks who has exposed the book’s fraudulence. His April 2002 law review article, “Fall from Grace: Arming America and the Bellesisles Scandal” is a remarkable article. According to Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, the article has been downloaded more than 100,000 times, which suggests that it is the most widely read law review article in history. The article is extremely long with numerous footnotes and appendices, but if you have an interest in the subject, or in academic frauds or related cultural phenomena, you will find it of interest.


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