Douglas MacKinnon warns that campus

Douglas MacKinnon warns that campus liberals are creating an atmosphere of anti-Semitism at colleges and universities through their slanderous campaign against the State of Israel. The American Jewish Committee reports that intimidation and threats against Jewish students is on the rise. Even Harvard President Lawrence Summers has warned of this “upturn in anti-Semitism” at colleges. I say “even” because, as MacKinnon points out, Summers promptly undermined his argument by describing those responsible as “serious and thoughtful people.” Would Summers have described individuals responsible for an upturn in sentiment against African-Americans this way? Not likely. MacKinnon concludes by saying “it’s time for Jewish liberal to take a stand against liberals who hate.” Don’t hold your breath. The response of Jewish liberals more likely will be to ask “why do they hate us,” blame the Jews, and call on Israel for more concessions to relieve their duress. It is the Jewish conservatives, and conservatives in general, who will take the stand against anti-Semitism.


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