George Will does not appear

George Will does not appear to fancy Republican Bob Ehrlich’s chances in his Maryland gubernatorial race against Kathleen Kennedy Townsend now that the issues of race and guns have come to the fore. Meanwhile, the Washington Post has endorsed Townsend. It seems impressed by the fact that she has four daughters and served in the Clinton Justice Department. No mention is made of her eight years as Lieutenant Governor in the clueless Glendening administration or of the problems that have plagued the various programs (e.g. crime prevention) that she has spearheaded. The latter omission seems particularly odd because this weekend a Post story reported on the ineffectiveness and mismanagement of Townsend’s anti-crime initiatives. That same story also found that the one allegedly positive achievement of Townsend’s career cited in the Post’s endorsement — her success as a state education bureaucrat in persuading Maryland to adopt a requirement that high school students perform 75 hours of community service in order to graduate — has had no discernible impact.


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