Steve Sailer is an interesting

Steve Sailer is an interesting guy. He believes in diversity–the real kind, not the kind touted eupehmistically on university campuses–as well as something he calls human biodiversity, the observable differentiation of humankind into races. He appears to be a student of evolutionary theory, a subject on which I am temperamentally skeptical but almost completely ignorant. Nevertheless, I appreciate Sailer’s research methodology: “I’ve become pretty discerning due to thirty years of girl-watching. For example, I’ve observed so many waitresses in both Thai and Vietnamese restaurants that by now I can tell Thais and Vietnamese apart.”
His most recent column, on the subject of race, is both funny and interesting. In it he answers two questions: Who is Malvina Hoffman, and why have you never heard of her? The column is called “Racial correctness: The case of Malvina Hoffman.”


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