I’ve been in North Carolina

I’ve been in North Carolina on business for a couple of days, and missed all the excitement. I woke up this morning to the news that the sniper has finally been caught. The story apparently combines several important elements. “Muhammad,” the adult villain, was apparently a Black Muslim. This is a group whose entire ideology could reasonably be classified as “hate speech.” They allege that white people were created by a mad scientist on an island somewhere and are inherently inferior. Muhammad’s sidekick is an illegal Jamaican immigrant who was apprehended some time ago, but not considered enough of a priority to prevent him from carrying out a series of murders. It remains to be seen whether anyone will become angry about this–other than Michelle Malkin, one of our heroines, who has been appropriately angry for some time. In recent days the authorities have issued a series of more or less incoherent statements and exhortations; at one point they urged illegal immigrants to come forward and promised them amnesty if they had information about the killers. I infer that the authorities knew that at least one of the individuals involved was an illegal immigrant. One can only wonder how much the police knew about the perpetrators and didn’t tell us, for fear, I guess, of arousing our purported vigilante instincts.


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