This morning’s Star Tribune Wellstone/Coleman

This morning’s Star Tribune Wellstone/Coleman story is about the money the campaigns are raising and spending, “Wellstone-Coleman race sets money record: $19.4 million.” Wellstone will outspend Coleman, and didn’t have to lift a finger to acquire the funds with which to offset the “mysterious” ad buy in support of Coleman. The Strib also has an extremely misleading headline on its Wellstone/Coleman story regarding the candidates’ stand on education issues, “School vouchers find no supporters in Senate race.” The text of the story suggests that Wellstone and Coleman have take opposing stands on every relevant education issue. Finally, the Strib notes that President Bush will be back to support Norm, “Bush will make two more Coleman campaign stops before election.” The White House must think this race is closer than the Star Tribune’s Minnesota poll shows. Hmmm….