I met Senator Wellstone only

I met Senator Wellstone only one time, but it was memorable to me. It was the day after the Jewish new year three or four years ago. We had just had my family over for the holiday, including Alan Einisman. Alan is the brother of a cousin-in-law and had worked as an aide to the senator in Washington. (This should be just the right connection to get my cousin booked to talk about Senator Wellstone on Larry King.) Alan told me at length how much he liked the senator and how much he had enjoyed working for him. The next day I was at at the airport leaving town, and looked into the news stand on the concourse I was departing from. I noticed someone plunking down one copy of each daily newspaper the stand carried, and looked up to see it was the senator. I said hello, introduced myself, and he greeted me warmly. I told him I’d been campaign treasurer for Rudy Boschwitz in his second race against him, the one in which he had whomped Rudy. He turned down his friendliness only a little, but inquired in detail about Alan. Much as I was predisposed to dislike him, and much as I wanted to, I left with a warm feeling for him personally and know I would have enjoyed talking with him at greater length. Although I was struck in person by how short he was, unlike most other politicians whom I have met personally, he was larger–not smaller–than life.