I’m not really qualified to

I’m not really qualified to opine on how Mondale will do in Minnesota, but it strikes me that Mondale gets basically every vote Wellstone would have gotten plus the votes of those who would have voted against Wellstone because he broke his “only two-terms” promise. Trunk, I enjoyed the account of your meeting with Wellstone. It doesn’t surprise me that he created a warm feeling. I’ve heard he was very popular among the kids here in the Washington, D.C. area who worked in the Senate during summers. I confess to having admired the guy simply because, unlike so many other Democrats, he seemed to stand for something. I also believe that it was a good thing to have an articulate leftist in the Senate except to the extent that it created a Democratoc majority, as it did the past two years. I’m sure if Wellstone had been my Senator I would have disliked him, but from a distance I kind of had a soft spot for him, as was probably clear from my attempt at a report on his last debate with Coleman.


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