There are many excellent blogs;

There are many excellent blogs; here is one called Carthaginian Peace. Scroll down a little and note the photos of the anti-anti-war protesters in Washington, many of whom are Iraqis who long for their country to be free.
Deacon, you are probably right about the Maryland race, and this is shaping up as a bad year for the Republicans in governorships generally. But it is striking that Townsend can’t do any better than a dead heat, under the circumstances.
And I won’t say anything further about Wellstone, simply because he is deceased, except to note that in my opinion, all politicians are sincere in that they all believe that the world will be a better place if they are elected. How Wellstone was different from anyone else, from Jesse Helms to Jesse Jackson, Jr., escapes me. The only publicly-relevant test of a politician is whether his proposals and his arguments make sense. Wellstone’s didn’t. That his death was a tragedy for his family goes without saying, as were the deaths of his wife and daughter and the others on board Wellstone’s airplane–about whom, by the way, the press has reported virtually nothing. Wellstone’s status as a Senator neither adds to nor detracts from the personal tragedy of his premature death; neither does his premature death either add to or detract from his status as a politician who was wrong about virtually everything.


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