The Trunk would know this

The Trunk would know this exactly, but the Jewish vote in Minnesota can’t be over 2%. For those who persist in labeling America a land of bigotry and prejudice, it is noteworthy that, notwithstanding this tiny percentage, both of the last two holders of the Senate seat now at issue, Wellstone and Boschwitz, were Jewish, as were both of the contenders for the seat this year, Wellstone and Coleman–a fact which has not been deemed politically significant in any of the last four elections. The problem with Boschwitz’s “Jewish letter” was not that it alienated Jewish voters, but that it was more broadly construed as an attack on his opponent’s religious faith, or lack thereof. By way of comparison, imagine the firestorm that would erupt if a candidate were to produce literature urging voters to support him because he is a better Christian than his opponent, and concluding with the words, “a Christian you can be proud to vote for.” This is what Wellstone did.