Here is an excellent piece

Here is an excellent piece by Times of London columnist TIm Hames. Hames argues that “the War on Terror is proceeding far better than it is fashionable to acknowledge” because leaders who might have been inclined to provide refuge and resources to terrorist bodies have been obliged to abandon such ambitions. The exception, says Hames, is Arafat who “has a series of connections with armed fanatics that are not dissimilar to those which existed between Mullah Omar and bin Laden.” Hames also takes French President Chriac to task for his “grotesque grandstanding” on the U.N. resolution.
A large part of me hopes that France blocks the resolution. When we proceed anyway, the media and the Democrats will characaterize our action as “going it alone, without the support of the international community.” But most people will realize that we are merely “going it without France.” People will also understand that, under the liberal-internationalist regime, Congress can authorize military action even if both Senators from up to 24 states vote “no,” yet the single vote of France or Russia or China can block action. This would be a salutary lesson.


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