Here is an important piece

Here is an important piece by Hugo Gordon of the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Gordon explains the anti-democratic machinations of the European Union. In this instance, Ireland is re-voting on whether to agree to the Treaty of Nice, which involves a massive transfer of power from the people of Europe to the unelected authority in Brussels. The Irish rejected this once, but under the Euro rules, only a “yes” vote is permanent. When the “plebs” vote no, they are considered to have “got the answer wrong” and “are asked the question again after a period of re-education.” Gordon says that the United States should care about this because it is part of a larger campaign to “demolish the concept of national sovereignty” against which the U.S. is the ultimate target.
Could it be any clearer that France and Germany, the two driving forces behind this campaign, are no longer our strong allies? Few tears need be shed over this realization. Why were they our allies in the first place? Not, I would argue, because of shared values and democratic traditions. When the alliances were formed, we shared few values or traditions with Germany (to say the least) and France had little history of stable democratic rule. It seems to me that we became allies of these two nations primarily because they were the key states to be allied with in our struggle with the Soviet Union. Today, though, our struggle is with a different force, and France and Germany are by no means the most important allies to have in that struggle. Israel, Russia, Turkey, and Pakistan and/or India are far more relevant. Much of Europe may become what India was during the Cold War — a large and sanctimonious irrelevancy.


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